Showering and foggy ride to Lonavla

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Prasad, Sarang and me had been to Lonavla yesterday. Enjoyed every bit of the moment under torrential rains and dense fog.

Was a totally different experience this time riding on the expressway. With foggy conditions and rains tumbling down with all their might- we were at our alert best, but not losing out on enjoying the fun in this kind of climate.

Riding towards Amby Valley too was different to our kind of riding style on the stretch.

With visibility being a mere 15-20 metres, precaution was the top priority.

Lost ourselves and landed in no man's land hunting for Pawana Lake, which till the end we weren't able to locate, was a wrong route altogether and landed up somewhere else.

But riding was fun...absolutely.

Clicked a few pics, didnt want to spoil the Prasad's cam despite it being an all-weather gizmo.

The Pics HERE