Group ride to Karde Beach, Dapoli

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I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.....Mark Twain

Had been to a short and relaxed ride in a group last Sat-Sun to Karde beach, Dapoli.

Some highlights of the trip:

*Bad luck struck at the start when Abhimany's LB 500 had a puncture- not one but both tyres flat. No 19" tube available, stretched up an 18"er. Lost more than an hour.

*Meeting up with everyone and Kantibhai- being his first ride he was on a safer and slower side, but then amazingly picked up to match the group's speed. Hats off!

*Sanket joining us on the move unawares- he wasnt confirmed for the ride.

*Kashedi Ghat...the ascend from Poladpur is awesome, descend has become a bit patchy.
*Group scattered on internal roads to join back again near Murud.
*Saniya Resort- though doesnt look like one- but a secluded and calm place. Worth recommending.
*Harnai fish auction- bought lotsa prawns and surmai.

*All the fish tastefully cooked to everyone's satisfaction.
*Amit Ved joining us in the night at Dapoli riding all alone through the narrow and scary roads.
*Crackers by Sanket and Kantibhai by a small bonfire- used petrol and whisky to keep it going.

*Squeezing up into two rooms- not that more rooms were not available, we decided to adjust. The lady was shocked to see such a turnout- I had only confirmed for 6 people and we were 11.

*Glen and Revel leaving early morning missing out on the unforgettable Dolphin watching.

*The wonderful and long boat ride and the Dolphins being so close all around us was the treat of the ride.

*Delicious poha for breakfast.

*A short ride on Karde beach.
*Breath-taking view of Anjarle beach and village from Harnai.

*Ride back through narrow but wonderful roads till Khed and a ridiculous lunch at Khed.

*Me somehow managing to ride back till Palaspe from Dapoli before my bike gave up at Palaspe.

*Being towed for 20 kms behind Abhimany's LB500 till Vashi to Revel's place.

An eventful ride and every minute was worth its value in the company of friends- I wish only if my bike would have held on.

HERE's the complete set of pics.

Ferry trip to Elephanta Caves

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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."- Mark Twain

Major part of my childhood was spent at Colaba and I always dreamt of ferrying all the way to Elephanta Caves. Somehow it never happened and the experience just remained a curiousity until this Saturday all thanks to fellow PUG Jayaram from Pune :)

Met up with Jayaram at the Gateway of India. Was carrying three kids alongwith me- Shamika and two other married ones- Bhau and his wife ;) Purchasing tickets from the MTDC counter was swift and in no time we boarded the ferry. Buggers charge 10 bucks more for the upper deck...anyways no big deal.

We leave the shores and distance ourselves away from the bustling city into the sea.

Spotting a few sea vessels in all shapes and sizes.

An amazing boat ride of around 1 hour takes us to the shores of Elephanta Island.

A shaky and noisy but fun-filled mini train equal to your walking pace takes us near the base of the hill (charges Rs.10 bucks).
From hereon it was travel back into time starting off with a few exhibits on display at the museum.

Figure of ardhanarisvara, a form of Lord Shiva with the combined energies of male and female.

Gangadhara Shiva
Andhakasura Vadha Murti (Siva killing the demon)

The gigantic dwarapaals
A sculpture of Lord Shiva as Nataraja

Marriage of Lord Shiva (Uma Mahesvara)

Mahesa-murti. A colossal bust of the three forms of Siva, the aghora, turbulent and fearsome; tatpurusha, benign and meditative and vamadeva, mild pleasing and lovable.

Explorations done and we headed back gliding over the sea back to base.

HERE are a few pics. Clicked from my mobile and somehow have not come that good, the phone needs some cleanup.