Rainy Round Ride

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If you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride......Author Unknown 

Vinod and myself went for a ride yday...nothing a fixed destination as such- was a just circling ride back to Mumbai.

This was our route and the distance:
Thane-Panvel-Vadkhal-Poladpur-Kashedi Ghat-Khed-Chiplun-Kumbharli Ghat-Paatan-Umbraj bypassing Karad-Satara-Pune-Lonavla-Thane: 686 kms.

Here's the GPS TRACK

The distance says 629 kms- it did lose out on connectivity from Mangaon to Poladpur and on Kashedi Ghat- it simply calculated a straight road, I guess coz of heavy rains. Also I concluded the trip at Vashi to which a further 20 odd kms were not added.

The biggest disappointment of course was Kashedi which was totally splashed up.

Couldnt do more than 60 on the Ghats and whenever it rained, I felt like that I've totally forgot riding- was totally embarassed at my riding skills.

Parshuram Ghat was mindblowing- we rode like there was no tomorrow and we both did almost run off the curve at one point.

On wet roads I was finding it difficult to keep up with Vinod. Bike was just sliding and skidding around on curves- but then later found out the stupid thing on my part i.e. the tyre pressures. Front was 18 and rear 47 :(( Also due to over inflation the M45 was rubbing against the swingarm. Calibrated the pressure at an electronic pump at Satara and thereon it was a wonderful ride- it was rather a chase. We were covering around 75-80 kms an hour on average.

We passed through some amazing scenery- specially Kumbharli Ghat that connects Chiplun to Karad..felt like we were riding through a north-eastern state :)

Stopped over at a restaurant at Paatan.

Enjoyed a typical countryside spiced-up food. Vinod satisfied himself with Mutton Masala and me with Kaaju Masala. With rains and cold weather outside- having hot and spicy food under a shade is a different experience overall.

Never saw Vinod riding like this before- he was amazing fast around corners, and his riding skills on wet roads and in dark is something I would like to learn. Rode with him a lot in the past- and old memories were refreshed.

Had a great time.

HERE ARE A FEW PICS (didnt click much coz of rains)