Short ride to Malshej

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Wander....not to escape life, but that life does not escape you....

Thanks to Alkesh for this ride- or else the whole of Saturday would have gone waste fiddling with the remote control boring myself switching from one TV channel to the other. To frankly admit- am badly broke and for the first time I had to be pillion on a ride- its a different story that I ended up riding his P220 75% of the journey ;)

It was decided to ride to Malshej, breathe in some fresh air on the ghats and return back home. Was slightly apprehensive that the roads would be in a bad shape- surprisingly they were quite good.

Baring for a few bumps and potholes- riding on the ghats was a treat. The only irritation was the P220's centre-stand scrapping the tarmac when I tried to push hard into the corners.

We arrived where we had decided the ride to end. Sat down chatting, enjoying the valley view, inhaling fresh air and a couple of vada-pavs for the stomach.

Looked at the watch and we had lot of time on hand..hence decided to carry on till Shivneri Fort. Last time missed the river- this time no chance. Splashed the bike right into it as far as it was possible. Ahead there was a deep trench visible- parked the bike and clicked a few pics.

Who said the P220 runs only on petrol ;)

Carried on with the zig-zagging ride till Shivneri and this time saw a lot more at the fort than I did last time :)

Explored all the corners of the fort- left at 4 and let Alkesh ride the bike this time...shouldn't being saying this, after all it was his bike :D

Reached home by 8, and felt satisfied of having spent a day worthwhile.

HERE's the complete set of pics- not much though (pics clicked from mobilephone, might not be very clear).


  1. Wondering how Do I reach the river? Have read about it but cannot figure out a route :S