Lucky Trip to Goa

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”...... Seneca

"Win a cool bike ride with Rajeev Khandelwal and a free trip to Goa, all at once". Easier said than done- I thought. But then it had something I couldn't restrain..... "A BIKE". To win, one had to share his memorable riding experience- that was easy for me since I had quite a few. Closing time for the contest was 2 in the afternoon and it was already 12.30. "Lets do it" I said and replied back with a few links from my riding blog. Forgot about it totally as I assumed it to be one of those contests with mysterious results. A few hours later I get a mail from saying that am the lucky winner and asked my contact number, but am unfazed. Next day there's a call saying "I am the lucky winner". I did get a pinch- but still thought otherwise. A few hours later, again a call asking whether to courier the air tickets or email. "AY CARAMBA" I've won it huh!" "Email them please" I say and in 5 mins the tickets arrive.

An 5 a.m. Kingfisher flight takes off from Mumbai and above the clouds I could see a beautiful blade of sunlight on the horizon where it was all dark down under.
I click a few pics and a landing video at the Goa Airport.
6.15 a.m. at Goa and a white Swift DZire arrives for my pickup from the airport.
In an hours time am at Cabo-da-rama fort in conversation with Rajeev. "Why dont you give me a ride instead me taking you for one?" he asked. "Prayers answered" I mutter..."well well... why not why not" is my swift reply.
Everyone descended down to the beautiful beach from the fort and I was just sticking in close to the bike wondering how a 650cc of a monster bike would feel to ride.
The shoot had to start and like any other movie- there were retakes all over again and again and again. It was an encouraging sight to see everyone slug it out on the set- from a spot boy to the Director being so involved- no hierarchy difference whatsoever.
I set myself up for an exploration around the beach and click a few pics.
Came back on the sets and had tea and biscuits with Rajeev who was initally annoyed over the UTV representative when he knew I hadn't eaten anything. "This is how you treat my guest?" he asked. Winning the contest itself was unbelievable and these pampers were certainly not expected. Lekha Washington- the actress too came along strolling and started discussing about bikes. The Director Mr. John Owen and other crew members also joined in the casual talk. I didnt spare the opportunity to tell them about UFO Moviez- my firm, and our technology thats making a huge difference to the film industry. A few of them knew about us, and as for the unawares- they were very impressed.

I went exploring to the other side of the beach when someone called saying that Rajeev wants me on the sets. My heartbeat took a raise- I knew the time had come to ride the devil around. After a short video interview, Rajeev was the first to take me out for the ride- very thrilling, he was quick on the wheels, locking and drifting the rear tyres between coconut trees, jumping over rocks and obstacles.
After an exciting ride as pillion- it was my turn to return the favour. Firing up the engine and pulling on the revs...."You've got some grunt baby, let me stir you up then!" I murmured. This single pod pod monster feels like a bloody V-Twin with oodles of torque on tap.
Rajeev takes the pillion seat and am off the blocks in a flash.
Swinging between the coconut trees, rolling over the rocky blocks and as soon as I'm about to push harder Rajeev says "Wait wait wait...Deepak go slow. If my Director sees this, he'll get a heart attack". I slow down and a few satisfying minutes later- the wheels come to a rolling stop. Getting off I realised that it was me who was more stirred up than the Honda.

Had lunch with the entire crew, asked Rajeev for his autograph and chit chatted for a few moments again.
The shoot was about to start and with my return flight timings approaching I bid good-bye to the entire crew, thanking them for giving me an opportunity to spend such wonderful time and never letting me feel that I was an outsider. Wished them that the movie turns a success and my firm should play a major part in the release endeavour. Was really hot in the afternoon, stepped into the vanity van and lazed around for some time in AC comfort. 

The car arrived and an hour later I was peeping through the aircraft window from an altitude at the cloudlets and as if I'm simply floating over them. Through the gaps as far as my eyes could see- it was a toyland all under my command. Everything so tiny- I could simply pick a ship or a building like a lego block and interchange their places.
Being above everything does fill you up with that supreme feel of being the king of the world. Again did shoot a video of the take off.
Moments later losing myself high up in the stratosphere above a sea of clouds- all I could recollect was this beautiful place called Goa and my mind running through one of the most memorable days I had in my life.
The complete set of pics HERE


  1. Pradosh says:

    Wow, that was superb !! A free trip to Goa and hanging out with the film crew for the entire day :) !!
    Congrats !!