Another stroll in the Park called Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary.

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For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go"......Robert Louis Stevenson

Supposed to be a Sunday outing with office colleagues to some resort in Shahapur, which I wasn't too keen on- plus a few issues needed sorting out at home. Dropped out of the resort plans, but took all of them along via Tansa for a jungle ride-through treat. Also to kill some time as the planned departure time was way to early in the morning for the resort to open up the gates. Couldn't enjoy the stretch thoroughly as rest of the company was more eager to end up at their destination. Dropped them at the resort and couldn't resist taking a detour on the return journey. To see and experience the place at my own sweet pace rather than being stitched to someone else's schedule. My N95 in the pocket was more than handy to catch the clicks.

Riding over the railway crossing at Atgaon, am into the initial villages that lead into Tansa.

Unlike our last earthquake ride (given the bad surface), this time it was a smooth and evened out ride. Couldn't resist stopping every now and then to click the roads. 

There was this cottage like structure on stilts which I had seen on the way towards and had decided to see while coming back. Located a bit off the road at an elevation, it was HAUNTED every inch including the entrance that looked even more scary.

I made my way up and looking around from the top, as I turned back the windows started squeaking and banging mildly. To admit I was really scared, but not for long as I realised that the whole cottage was shaking with my weight and so were the windows.

Had a short thrilling ride through the winding roads.

Clicked a few pics at the lake.

Exiting the sanctuary, the heat started building up and the view of the Mahuli Fort and its pinnacles kept capturing my attention and forcing me to decide to trek up there during monsoons.

It was another Sunday well spent. Not much, but HERE is the complete set of the pics.


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    Hey, I was searching for tansa wildlife sanctuary and found your blog. Nice trip log there. I was curious, do they allow bikes there during the monsoon? looks like a really nice place for a short afternoon ride.

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