Trek to Sudhagad

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I learn something every time I go into the mountains...... Michael Kennedy

Trying to make the best of the climate with rains still around and on a lookout for a good trek to a fort, came across Sudhagad aka Bhorapgad/ Bhoraicha Killa. Reviews of relatively being a well maintained fort and not being too far away from Mumbai, Sudhagad it was for the weekend with my colleague Nilesh joining me on the trip.

We both met up at Ghodbunder Naka and sped up eager to leave the city far behind and our first casual stop on the JNPT stretch- this place is too tempting to avoid a click. Wish whole of Mumbai had roads like these.

Nothing in our tummies, this was our second halt for breakfast at our regular 'Rishabh Hotel' near Khopoli.

Broke away from the old Mumbai-Pune highway from Khalapur towards Pali rolling over narrow but lovely roads.

Barring a few bumpy patches with overflowing civilisation- most if the roads were lovely to ride till Pachapur.

Finally we made it to Thakurwadi the base village.

Kept our helmets at one of the homes of the friendly villagers.

Thankfully it wasn't sunny and it was a non-sapping comfortable hike.

The best facilitated ladder you can find on any fort- well at least to the ones I've been.

Caught glimpses of the giant wooden spider on the way- captured one on the cam.

Nilesh was quite quick on this feet, galloping over the rocks.

The mystic stairs leading to the entrance.

Was all foggy around, and raining as well- but fortunately we were above the rain clouds.

In a matter of minutes and to our good luck- everything cleared off. Thats the gorgeous sight of Takmak Tok.

We were carrying a map of the fort and it was easier finding the attractions on the way. A few resting moments at the lake. 

Remnants of the Wada....wish I could go back in time to see all the bustle that went on in those days.

The Pant Sachiv Wada....great place for an overnight stay even in rains. Nice dry shelter.

That Daarukothaar (would have been blooming with arsenal in its like a haunted grave)

The Bhorai-devi temple and the lotsa samadhis everywhere.

This was an amazing sight...the Mahadarwaja supposed to be the exact replica of the one at Raigad.

Next destination was Takmak Tok...Nilesh had a larger vertigo issue than me and stayed back. I just carried on to the edge as I could on trembling legs. But I can never forget the view from here in my life.

We were done with all the site-seeing and the watch ticking closer to 6, we had to hurry our way back- but still had time to explore the Chor Darwaza.

Stopped over at Pali for Lord Ganesh's Darshan, had some snacks and scampered back home.

Sudhagad is indeed beautiful and generally its the more challenging forts that offer a better view from top. But Sudhagad is an exception- its an easy trek and you can witness paradise on a very small effort. Just a small word of caution. If its raining too heavy- avoid going up or if you're up the fort, wait for the rains to clear. Had been here again after this trek and I realised how it feels to see death closing on you.
Here's the route:
Mumbai-Panvel-Khalapur-Mahad Ganpati-Pali Ganpati-Pachapur-Thakurwadi: Distance approx 160 kms.


  1. Nishant says:

    oo lovely! another fort to visit now..thanks dude!

  1. Pradosh says:

    Since you are on a fort climbing spree, have you gone to Kothaligad (near Karjat) ?

    It has a very interesting chimney formation - from a distance, it looks like a submarine's conning tower...

  1. Pulsurge says:

    @Nishant: Thanks for your comments as usual :)

    @Pradosh: Nothing like fort a lazybum to be frank..but just want to travel somewhere or the other :) Will definitely do Kothalidgad..thanks so much for the info.