Solo Round Ride

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One main factor in the upward trend of animal life has been the power of wandering....Alfred North Whitehead.

Was a sheer mental torture to see the trio of Parimal, Alkesh and Dhananjay disappear to Chorla Ghat and me left behind with a hanging face at home. Mom had just freaked out of my ride plan of three days just having come out of viral fever. The itch was too much to bear and no ways could I stay back at home- at least a day away from this chaotic city. Finalised a round ride to Chiplun via NH17 taking Kumbharli Ghat and circling back to Mumbai via NH4. Called up the Chorla trio conveying my riding plan and catching up with them at Chiplun.

Late again to sleep the earlier night and plans of leaving at 5.30 got 4 hours late. Finally was out of the house and ripped all the way to my first halt for a casual click at the JNPT connector.

Was a long time since I road on NH17- except a few bumps here and there, it was still as good as you can find all year round. The cool climate and the pleasure of riding after long on this stretch simply refrained me from taking stops. With great persuasion to my ownself- stopped over for a scenic click just before Mahad.

A quick sprint all the way to the start of Kashedi Ghats. Our sweetheart this ghat is- the pics would tell you why.

Shifting body weight from one side of the saddle to the another, changing directions in quick motion...was fun all the way before my next stop at Parshuram Ghat, this time too just for a click.

Quarter to two and I finally catch up with the gang at Chiplun and no heading anywhere except Hotel Abhishek for lunch.

Souls satisfied with a nice heavy lunch and half the ride done on my part- we're on our way home. The roads from Chiplun till the start of Kumbharli Ghats were a treat to ride. Same goes for Kumbharli ghats- except a few minor bumpy patches- it was enjoyable all the way. The last patch till the top was a race-track, amazing stretch of tarmac. It was so good that I couldn't stop to take pics. But did manage to click a few on the way including the scenery.

Stopped over in between for a wash on a near-drying out waterfall.

Well this one was still prospering.

With the ascend being such a lovely experience, the descend towards Patan was equally horrible-  thankfully it wasn't too lengthy. A ciggy break for Alkesh and Parimal once we got through with the bad patches. 

To our bad luck- it started raining and we were slowed down by the slippery patch leading to Patan. A tea-break in between before we diverted towards Umbraj and on the run-way like NH4 rushing back home. From Pune to Khopoli was a mad ride and a complete torture for my P150 chasing Parimal's ZMA. A couple of fuel stops and a hearty dinner at Rishabh- Khopoli concluded a lovely ride.
This was my route and distance:

Mira Road-Thane-Panvel-Wadkhal-Mangaon-Mahad-Poladpur-Khed-Chiplun-Kumbharli Ghat-Patan-Umbraj-Satara-Pune and back: 729 kms.
Was another day well spent and thankfully got rid of the itch and the depression. Thanks to Alkesh, DJ and Pari for the wonderful company mid-way.
A few more PICS HERE


  1. Great ride. Well written. Ghat photos are breathtaking! Keep it up.

  1. Thanks for this travelogue. I've not done this route yet. Maybe soon.

  1. Ghat photos are beautifull. Equally good write up.

  1. Anonymous says:
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  1. Pulsurge says:

    Hey thanks everyone. the Kumbharli ghats from Chiplun side are great to ride on. The last section is almost a race track..I went too fast and almost landed up banging a Zen. Well thats bad, but then they roads are that exciting to ride.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Really good blog for a keen traveller and trekker! Would be great if you could mention the time/month of the year. Awesome snaps as well!

  1. Pulsurge says:

    Hey thanks for your kind comments. I did this ride in September end.

  1. Swati says:

    Great Log!!