Group ride to Karde Beach, Dapoli

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I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.....Mark Twain

Had been to a short and relaxed ride in a group last Sat-Sun to Karde beach, Dapoli.

Some highlights of the trip:

*Bad luck struck at the start when Abhimany's LB 500 had a puncture- not one but both tyres flat. No 19" tube available, stretched up an 18"er. Lost more than an hour.

*Meeting up with everyone and Kantibhai- being his first ride he was on a safer and slower side, but then amazingly picked up to match the group's speed. Hats off!

*Sanket joining us on the move unawares- he wasnt confirmed for the ride.

*Kashedi Ghat...the ascend from Poladpur is awesome, descend has become a bit patchy.
*Group scattered on internal roads to join back again near Murud.
*Saniya Resort- though doesnt look like one- but a secluded and calm place. Worth recommending.
*Harnai fish auction- bought lotsa prawns and surmai.

*All the fish tastefully cooked to everyone's satisfaction.
*Amit Ved joining us in the night at Dapoli riding all alone through the narrow and scary roads.
*Crackers by Sanket and Kantibhai by a small bonfire- used petrol and whisky to keep it going.

*Squeezing up into two rooms- not that more rooms were not available, we decided to adjust. The lady was shocked to see such a turnout- I had only confirmed for 6 people and we were 11.

*Glen and Revel leaving early morning missing out on the unforgettable Dolphin watching.

*The wonderful and long boat ride and the Dolphins being so close all around us was the treat of the ride.

*Delicious poha for breakfast.

*A short ride on Karde beach.
*Breath-taking view of Anjarle beach and village from Harnai.

*Ride back through narrow but wonderful roads till Khed and a ridiculous lunch at Khed.

*Me somehow managing to ride back till Palaspe from Dapoli before my bike gave up at Palaspe.

*Being towed for 20 kms behind Abhimany's LB500 till Vashi to Revel's place.

An eventful ride and every minute was worth its value in the company of friends- I wish only if my bike would have held on.

HERE's the complete set of pics.


  1. Sampada says:

    Hey that must have been an amazing trip. Check out this link for some tyre safety tips and some good information about tyres

  1. CEAT says:

    It must have been a great ride
    Nice desription of the trip

  1. Anunoy says:

    hi dude... u had some fun i see! grt! kp jotting them down for us...