Trip to the capital of a LEGEND

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(Ride/hike/trek to Raigad Fort)

Dont usually keep track of distances, but one way was exactly 233 kms. Took halts at my own sweet wish, giving my new Nokia 6233 some clicking exercises. Loved riding on the Mbai-Goa highway again. The village roads from Mahad towards Raigad fort were narrow and a bit bouncy, but still was able to sustain speeds of 80 kph before hitting the steep curved ghats.

Reached Raigad and decided to take a climb instead of getting up there via the ropeway/cable car (costs Rs.140/-). Had food before the climb- a big mistake I made. There are a total of 1476 steps excluding the pathway (its some 2500+ feet above sea level, if I remember its 2851 to be exact). Hardly climbed around 500 steps and all the food that went in came out in reverse gear..... I thought I couldnt make it to the top, luckily there was a local guy who was just pushing me to get on. Finally got up and thought never to stop till the top, I've never drank so much water in such a short time. I was carrying a 1 litre bottle and it got refilled and empty 5 times till the time I reached up.

The steps are big and you have to stretch your legs a bit extra, that added effort and the hot sun sucking out all the moisture in me. But finally did make it and getting up there made all my pains disappear. From down you can never imagine that its such a vast area. People said that it takes a lot of time to cover the entire place, but I've covered and clicked each and every corner of the fort in the given time that I had. It was such a different feeling to see, touch and feel something that stood testimonials to gone history- a place where the legend called Shivaji Maharaj stayed and took his last breath too. I could feel the walls talking to me and saying that they're now in ruins, but standing the test of time- they had seen all what had happened. And I was time and again rolling my palms over them as a mode of communication of my appreciation and sorrow.

Started the descend with some energy still left in my legs, visited the tomb of Shivaji's mother Jijabai which is down below and a km away. It was already getting dark and by the time I reached Mahad it was completely dark. No Vinod this time, and I had to manage things myself. Got behind a Qualis which was doing pretty good speeds and followed him till Vadkhal Naka. Came non-stop till home, will my back, thighs and butt absolutely sore :P

The pics HERE