Harihareshwar ride with Sanket

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A short ride with Dr. Sanket to Harihareshwar.

Total distance covered both ways: approx 450 kms.

Route: Vashi-Belapur-Panvel (via JNPT road)- Wadkhal- Indapur- Mangaon- Mhasla- Harihareshwar.

Seriously wont recommend this place to anyone at this moment- at least not on bike, neither a car. Odd 40 kms out of the 60 kms from Mangaon to the place is in a mess. Had to ride at crawling space over those bumps and on the return came across heavy rains with the same messy roads with mud making it scaringly slippery.

But we had our own share of fun- having Parle-G biscuits on a dark night with steaming hot tea was an experience.

The pics HERE