A Trip Way Round

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Had been to Satara this Sunday to attend my friend's wedding. Was a good excuse to ride for some distance too and luckily got an off from office for Monday so that I could ride out as I had planned it.

This is what my route was like.
Mumbai- Lonavla- Pune- Satara- Khatav- Satara- Wai- Panchgani- Mahableshwar- Pratapgad- Poladpur-Mumbai.

Total distance covered both ways:
832 kms

Left on Sunday morning around 8 am and reached Khatav at 5.00 in the evening. Rode at my own pace, took stops wherever and whenever the surroundings or even the roads asked me to click a few memories. Thought for some thrill on the Khambatki, but the stretch was flooded with trailers and buses. The Pune-Satara road is a great one, but the roads from Satara towards the village were fantastic, no more than 15 feet wide- but not an inch of a bump. Loved cruising all the way keeping my neck and eyes busy on the ride through the countryside.

Once the wedding was over, got out wandering to get a clear and that amazing view of the sky which here in the city is separated by blankets of pollution. It was extremely cold, more than the ridiculous morgue-like AC-cooling in office, but enjoyed every bit of it. Not a ray of light in the dark, nor a sound of a pin drop and the sky studded with heavenly jewels- a telescope was missing here :) What a serene experience that was!!!

Got up next morning and left for the remaining part of the route. Once again riding back through the village in the morning was amazing. Took to Panchgani via Wai and fell in love with the Pasarni ghat section, funny quote this- but even the straights are zig-zagged. Enjoyed every inch of riding till Panchgani. Rode on the table mountain - was my second visit there, but still amazed at the flat structure, nothing short of nature's wonder. Some sight seeing of distant places like Kamalgad and Raireshwar, but through the binoculars. Left for Mahableshwar after some moments.

Reached Mahableshwar lingering around for some time before leaving for Pratapgad- time was on the shorter side. Nightmare struck when the front forks started leaking oil and somehow made their way onto the disc resulting in non-existent braking even with full force on the brake lever. Had to vigorously wipe the disc to avoid any mishap ahead. Thankfully that didn't happen again, though I was continuously keeping a check by feathering the brakes.

Reached the foothills of the historic and impregnable fort of Pratapgad. The view from down below is as ecstatic as the view from up there. Its like an Emperor seated on its throne served by the hills looking skywards in all its pride. A standing testimonial to the bravery and wit of a great ruler Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj. You people would have come across the story during your school days, so not going on a history lecture ;) Didn't take much time getting up there and the bike goes right up till the entrance of the staircase. Tried to scan and see each and every corner of the fort and the view around from up there, but still missed out on the backside- realized this when descending the ghats. Finally after a walk-through and state of satisfaction, thirst and hunger broke their silence. Not even a drop of water went inside since the start of the day. Looked out for a good place to eat and finally found one. What best to have than what the mavlas used to? Pithale Bhakri complemented by stuffed brinjals, onions, pickles and spicy ghati masala. Ate up till the brim of the stomach and finally sealing it off by a glass of cool buttermilk.

Started back home by 4.30 p.m. riding through the scenic but not so well-surfaced Ambaneli ghats, stopping occasionally for some pics. A halt at Poladpur for some tea plus a respite for the back and butt. Rode continuously till Karnala to again stop for some hot batata wada and tea to take me in a fresh and awake mood ahead. Wish I had a more powerful headlight and a new visor :( Reached home by 10.30 p.m. taking a much needed hot bath and dinner before dozing off with fresh memories in mind.

Thanks for reading a looooooong mail. Wish you like the pics- I know they aren't
clear, but that's the best a phone cam can do. HERE they are.