Visiting the impregnable called Janjira

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Vinod and I had been to a ride to Murud Janjira Fort.

Here's the distance log:

Thane to Vashi: 22 kms
Vashi to Wadkhal: 67 kms
Wadkhal to Alibag: 26 kms
Alibag to Murud: 58 kms

Total distance one way:
173 kms.

Roads till Wadkhal are great as usual. Wadkhal to Alibag- bad roads but not that worse. Alibag to Murud- ocassional bumpy stretches but including some great roads full of curves.

First we could sight the half-constructed Padmadurg (Kasa) fort far in the sea, which even today stands as a failure symbol to compete against the mighty Janjira. Viewing the Janjira fort from outside is a marvellous sight, though inside most of the monuments are in ruins. The sweet water lake is dirty and full of moss and the palace stands its identity only with its walls. The canons are one of the biggest I've seen- wondering how did they get it up there.

Enough words, now let the pics do the talking HERE