Ride to Tarkarli

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“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood,
and the sound of outer ocean on a beach”.

After a really long time went out to ride somewhere. So we (Prasad, Sanket, Parimal and myself) fixed a place called Tarkarli in Malvan, approx 525 kms from Mumbai.

Nice clean beach with well maintained MTDC cottages and dormitories. The sand is the best you could find on any beach- almost white and very fine- nice feeling to be walking over them.

Also something that I saw first time in my life in real- blue waters :D The water is nice and clean and great for a swim though I didnt give it a try as I dont know swimming.
MTDC also has scuba diving facilities at some distance from the beach at a very reasonable cost. But you should know to swim to get the gear on.

Getting back to the trip, we started from Mumbai at 05.30 in the morning. Left the party from Grand Hyatt, reached home at 03.30, packed up, had a bath, stacked the luggage onto the bike and rode out.

NH17 is a treat to ride on, full of curves- throwing your body around to counter the twisties is always fun and thrilling. Shot a riding video of the complete ghat section. 12 hours of riding took us to Tarkarli- got a dormitory for 4 of us @ Rs.1150/-. Good, clean, spacious with all facilities, add a working large screen colour TV too :P Malwani food as always is a cherishing moment.

Stayed overnight, strolled around the beach in the morning and left for Mumbai. Sounds too quick of a trip and nothing much to write about- was a real quick one, but then its more about riding than the destination.

Return journey on sunday- took the Kolhapur via Gaganbavda.

The rest three split up and I rode alone from Satara to Mumbai non-stop except for a tea break at Lonavla.

Enough of words, here's the more important part:

Our route and distance
Mumbai-Vashi-Panvel-Wadkhal-Poladpur-Khed-Chiplun-Kankavli-Kasal-Malvan-Tarkarli-Tarele-Vaibhavwadi-Gaganbavda-Kolhapur-Satara-Pune-Mumbai: 1108 kms.

Also a short video riding down Kashedi Ghat. Phone-cam fixed on Prasad's Sukhoi-aka-ZMA.


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