Ride to Suvarnagad

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“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”..................Hilaire Belloc

We had a great night riding experience (in batches) and spending time together at Murud Beach near Dapoli.

Great job by Prasad and Ishtibhai to get the arrangements up and running. Tasteful dining experience amidst lot of joke cracking on a moonlit stary night.

Did miss out on the Dolphins Site Seeing, but compensated by a visit to the Suvarnadurg Fort- a heart in mouth boating experience.

Suvarnadurg the island fortress off the coast of Harnai was a fort built by Shivaji to counter the Siddi. Ths fort was later used by Shivaji to counter the Europeans and was a base for the Maratha navy's ship building facility.

Thanks to Abhijit, Amit, Vinod, Sanket, Vaibhav, Parimal, Salil, Prasad, Ishtiaque, Sarang and Glen for making this trip a wonderful experience.

The pics HERE

And few videos here:

Heartstopping boat ride to Suvarnadurg :D

From the boat again:

The tunnel that leads down to the fort.

A view of the surroundings around Suvarnagad