Short ride to Jawhar

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As planned, Glen and me rode to Jawhar this Sunday.

We started at 6.15 in the morning from Thane and just 5 kms ahead, my speedo cable came off. Hot tea sipping at Ghodbunder before some high speed cruising till Charoti Naka. Got the cable fixed at a garage and carried on through the serpentine roads till Jawhar.

Took halt at the lake, clicked a few pics, took halt under a shade and muched some biscuits alongwith company of cattle- one of them getting too close for comfort and only left when all got over.

Paid a visit to the Jai Vilas Palace built by King Yeshwantrao Mukhane in 1940- unfortunately he died 4 years later.

We had to bribe the care-taker to enter and again to click pics inside which was strictly prohibited.

Was a treat going around it viewing the old furniture, paintings, the rooms trying to relive the moments the royal family would have lived in its times.

Purchased cashews on the way to Vikramgad, the place I assumed to be a fort which in the end was a small village :'( But enjoyed the roads of some 25 kms full of curves- dont remember if we got any straights to ride on and best part was no traffic.

Took exit to Manor on NH4 and halted for lunch at a small dhaba ahead and some cool water-melon at Thane.

Enjoyed the ride, though I wished having a few more riders for the trip.

The route:

Distance approx: 300+ kms.

A few memories of the ride