Riding through Bhor & Varandha

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You Don't Have to Die to Go to Heaven...... Derrick Sweet

Heaven it was......Vinod (P180), Glen (ZMA), Amit (P220) and myself (P150) went on circling Mumbai-Lonavla-Pune-Bhor-Varandha-Mahad and back to Mumbai. The three caught up with me at Chowk Phata near Khopoli, I was on my office Picnic at RiverGate Resort Karjat.

Faced heavy showers right from the word go and thick fog as soon as we touched Lonavla. Took a first tea break on NH4 diversion from Dehu Road.

A high speed cruise took us till Kaapurhol and no sooner did we take right towards Bhor- it was an amazing experience. Breath-taking scenery all round.

Experienced the misty gush of the Bhatghar river on the way and went for a site see around Bhatghar dam.

The scenery kept getting better with roads cutting through the hills and rivers following us.

Thick fog and rains added to the thrills.

Took a short chai stop on the breath-taking Varandha Ghats.

This chap ran away with Vinod's gloves- but not very far.

Thrilling steep descends brought us down pretty quick from Varandha. Taking NH17 we were back home by 10.30 p.m. My confidence in NH17 took a beating when my bike hit a pothole at Vadkhal making a complete mess of my front rim and shattering 7 spokes in the process. Except for this bitter experience it was an amazing ride. Not to mention I missed my girlfriend really bad :) She loves adventure and would have been more thrilled on a trip like this...unfortunately didnt work out :(

Surely will be going again after rains. Enjoy a few memories HERE


  1. Hi Deepak,
    Wow! It's nice to see you're following the advice that you don't have to die to go to heaven!I ride a motorcycle as well and your trip looks awesome!

    Derrick Sweet
    Author of "You Don't Have To Die To Go To Heaven"

  1. Pulsurge says:

    Hey thanks for your wonderful comments :)