Mumbai to Kolhapur and back via Amba Ghat

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One day's exposure to mountains is better than cartloads of books....John Muir

Well this ride wasn't planned at all. For a change decided to ride a bit further on Saturday night and be back home by morning. But as a routine, post-discussion the distance gets pushed further and further. Hedvi, Velneshwar, Jaigad were thought of and would have landed wherever time permitted. The first rule before the staying at a hotel or a lodge. So carrying sleeping stuff was expressly understood and made way into our luggage.

Reached Revel's place in Vashi around 6.30 p.m. after spending the whole day of fixing up the Avenger coil on my P150 to complement a brigher bulb i.e. Philips Xtreme-Power 55/60W- though again it didnt work this time too is a different story altogether. But a good addition on my bike was something I sorely missed on all my rides- a ciggy lighter adaptor. Now least worries of my N95 running out of charge while on GPS exercises. Revel was to be a pillion on Glen's ZMA, but he was all charged up on the first ride with us. Gulped down two glasses of Tang offered by Revel's mom and we were off.

Excellent climate and deserted roads and engines humming their favourite tunes, we were the Kings of the road. The Palm beach link to JNPT was deserted as usual and with absolute darkness, my HID was lighting up the road like anything. Glen was a bit slow to start with and even me deciding not to go above 80 kph, there was a huge gap created between us. Took a stop at Khopoli for them to catch up.

Another stop at Lonavla for tea as the temperatures started dropping with distance. It was an extended halt as Glen helping out a local female rider whose bike was simply refusing to start. In the end he did manage to turn on.....the bike I mean. Left Lonavla and suddenly found Glen into the groove- he wasn't lagging behind anymore. Was wondering if it were the multiple kicks that warmed him up or....well. Had to stop again at Pune as Revel ran out both of patience and tolerance- the ZMA's pillion seat was too hard for his liking. Cushioned the seat with the bedsheet I was carrying and that improved things a bit.

Carrying on with the cruise stopping over at Khambatki for tea and later gave our backs a respite by the highway after riding non-stop from Khambatki till the outskirts of Kolhapur.

We had tea again after getting up and as per the plan, we had to halt somewhere in Kolhapur. It was 4 in the morning and a misdirected advice from a local shopkeeper landed us nowhere. In the end manage to find a spacious shed and we were into deep sleep not extending more than an hour and a half..courtesy the tradition of playing some loud and lousy songs whenever there's a wedding function in a village. Revel and me had managed to sleep even in the noisy conditions, but poor Glen had a torrid time.

Its past 6 and we're up for the rest of our journey. Stopped over for tea at a village after Panhala and headed straight towards Amba Ghat. The Ghats hadn't even started, but the quality of the roads were beautiful.

I was trailing owing to stoppage for a few clicks here and there.

There's this small S-Curve between two cut sections of a mountain and as they're over my eyes were left wide open. It was something like being shot out of a canon right into space. 

We just couldn't get over with the scenery, the breeze and the sight of the wonderful roads that we had yet to roll on. Clicked the maximum pics of the ride here.

A few poses at the cliffs

Some rock climbing exercises

And doing what we love doing best...taking curves :)

Thats Revel doing a twisty run

And here comes Glen

Then finally its me

How about syncing it up! (Thanks to Revel for timing the shots well)

Mr. D'Souza somehow found time for a quick nap amongst all the bustle that was going on.

Had a treat of our life riding through this wonderful stretch of Amba Ghat. Clicked a couple of snaps in between though wished if could have captured each and every corner of the heavenly roads- but then would have missed out on the riding pleasure.

All good things have to come to an end and so did the blast that we had on this section. 

Hit NH17 with Glen and Revel deciding to head home and me heading to Jaigad Lighthouse.

Roads are great from Nivali for 30 kms towards Jaigad, only the rest 12 kms is in horrible shape. The temperatures started to rise as I started approaching Jaigad. A complete barren land with JSW setting up a steel plant and a jetty for future operations.

The water in the background unlike pale as it seems in the pic was so blue, it felt like a painting rather. Unfortunately couldn't capture the real colours.

Clicked a pose of the bike besides the monstrous 35 tonner capable of a payload of 80 tonnes!!!

Spotted the Jaigad Lighthouse in the distance and started finding a way for it. Unfortunately even the locals had no clue. It was just a few hundred metres away, still I couldnt find a way through. Riding through tall grass and bumping into rocks- it was a failure even after 5-6 alternate attempts. At one point of time thought of giving up and riding back- was extremely thirsty with no water left and temperature just seemed to rise with every minute. One last try I said to myself- and luckily found a lose and muddy path right through. 

Another shocker, the board outside says visiting time 3 to 5 pm, vehicles not allowed inside and  photography strictly prohibited. I wasnt going to back out on these instructions. I had seen quite a few pics of the lighthouse and that too with bikes inside. Slowly opened the smaller gate and started walking towards the lighthouse. Had never seen a lighthouse so upclose in my life and though it was not as big, but wonderful to watch.

The place was literally haunted, but then suddenly I heard someone's voice. If am seen, I would be asked to get out and clicking opportunity would be gone. Took a few steps back, and let the cam do its work. Stood there gazing at the lighthouse for a few moments, strolled outside the gate clicking the sea and it was about time to head back.

Returning back it was a bigger headache to ride on the broken roads. Went speeding over those bumps before hitting smooth tarmac and finally exiting on NH17.

Left Nivali and took a lunch halt at Hotel Abhishek, Chiplun.

The sun started setting and thereon just ripped away till Mahad, after which traffic started sucking out the energy as well as the patience out of me. Restlessness and a stiff bottom forced a tea stop at Wakan.

Through traffic it was a slow and tiring ride back home- not before stopping over at Revel's place who seemed dog tired after the ride.

So that was the ride- surprisingly I felt tired, maybe coz of the traffic. Those orgasmic twisties of Amba were still afresh and the sequence played on till my eyes could stay open.

Missed the rest of the gang.

GPSed Mumbai to Kolhapur and Amba to Mumbai.

Here's the complete set of pics.


  1. priya says:

    the pics r beautiful i stayed in kolhapur for 2yrs during the stay some 15 students had visited amboli ghat if i m nt wrong their is a waterfall that was our last gang trip caz the next day 1guy from our group died ur photos reminded me the olden days.Bike rides r fun just ride safe

  1. Pulsurge says:

    Hey thanks Priya!

    Its a nightmare for a lifetime to see a groupie lose his life on a trip. We had a few incidents too- but max to max people ended up with broken bones...touchwood.

    Yeah bikes are fun till the time you're in control! Thanks again for your comments!