2008 Shirdi Ride

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"People don't take trips . . . trips take people." - John Steinbeck

This was a thanks-giving ride to Shirdi to thank Sai Baba for having answered my prayers. Like in the past, Shirdi trips were never planned- they've just happened. Just a day before I decided I'll be riding next morning. Being stuck with a ceased block-piston again and my bike in running-in, the ride was still on. Heartiest thanks to Alkesh who without a second thought and with full trust handed over the keys of his P220 for the ride. Sought Amit's company just 7 hours before the ride and to my delight he affirmed within ten minutes.
Reached Amit's place at 05.30 morning and we were off. Thought of taking via Malshej, but then with the return being on the same day decided the conventional route. NH3 was ok and with construction work going on, there were lot of diversions from one side of the highway to the other.
Took our first tea stop before the Igatpuri ghats:
Igatpuri was packed with lot of trucker traffic and pilgrims taking to Shirdi on foot. Crossed Ghoti in no time and took our first stop on the lovely route- though this time the road had taken some battering.
Fully exploiting the 15x optical zoom on his H50, Amit took this wonderful shot.
Another stop for a shot with the hills in the background. Last time I was here for the Ratangad trip, this was lush green with waterfalls rolling off the edges.
This was one of the surprises on the trip- no idea when they were put up.
Amit poses with the mills in the background.
Another stop after enjoying a few twisties on the Ghoti-Sinnar stretch.
We finally touch the holy place of Shri Sai Baba.
Amit and myself on garland shopping.
I've never missed having food at the Prasadalaya. You do have to queue up for an hour- but the experience and taste of the food is something so different and I enjoy to the max literally wiping off the plate :)
As efficient and systematic serving you can get.
What a meal that was! Through with everything and we already running into extended time due to the long queues both for darshan and food, we started off on our return journey. Struck bad luck at Sinar towards Ghoti- the road absolutely packed with vehicles not moving an inch. Had masala tea amidst the chaos.

Took via internal roads to touch the highway and lost the route completely i.e. reached Nasik instead of Ghoti. Carried on with the ride and occassionally missing out on the diversion signs ended up riding on the wrong side of the road. Reaching home in a hurry wasnt on the agenda, hence cruised comfortably taking ample tea stops.
Spotted this babydoll at a restaurant having tea. She was too sweet to miss a click.
In the meantime, we had our share of tea and pakodas.
Another stop for a dash of Limca and the last shot of the ride at Padghe.
Took an hour to reach home and that was the end of the trip. Thanks to Amit for the wonderful company- specially for the continous chit-chat about bikes for almost 4 hours standing in the Darshan Queue :)
Now for some statistics.
One way route: Thane-Shahapur-Igatpuri-Ghoti-Sinnar-Shirdi: 231 kms
Hit a top speed of 130kph on the P220 and despite the high speed riding all the way- got a decent 40kpl.


  1. Ashish says:

    Visiting to a holy place always give peace of mind. Great log & pics.

  1. Isko kehte hai BABA ka Bulava aaya tha...
    Nice ride..