How more can we take???

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Nothing to do with bikes or biking, but couldn't resist of posting it up here. 

Our city of Mumbai- call it a mirror that irrespective of the regional indifferences accepts and reflects the images of everyone in itself. The very mirror being shattered by a bunch of cowards with our hapless and egocentric politicians passing the blame monkey into one another's lap. Its become a ritual of living under the gloom of terror unaware of when bad luck strikes you.

Lots been reported all around and any more comments would be just a repetition of similar citations in different words. Its been said by an unknown author "Have the determination of a mirror. It never loses its ability to reflect, even if it is broken into thousand pieces". Hence...we will go on, we will fight back, we're not giving in to the guerilla acts of terror by a few bunch of fanatics. It has been a wakeup call- a call to be more alert, to be more responsible for the city we call home. 

And as for the bunch of crookheads ruling us "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"