Sunny trek to Kalavantindurg

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Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.....Dr. Seuss

This one's was a casual trip and nothing much to write about. We started the trip from Panvel- the gang took the 10-seater rickshaw and I followed them on my bike. Reached the base, parked the bike at my colleague's house and we started our walk (calling it a trek would be an exaggeration). The walk was easy frequented by tree shades for short naps- specially for the rest of the gang who were not used to walk under the hot sun.

Lord Ganesh and Hanumaji carved on the rocks blessing us on the way.

Though the scenery was not breath-taking specially this time of the year where greenery is not much- found a cool place to hang my legs and look back at the path we waded ourselves till the point.
Fathoming the range of the mighty hills through our eyes.
We reached Bhau's (my colleague) place and tp'd around till sunset.

Had typical delicious village food for dinner. Chit chat or a couple of hours, then crawled under the blanket playing hide and seek with the shivering climate. We all slept out in the open with each and every star so clear to the eyes. Had never seen so many shooting stars in my life as I saw that night. The barking dogs were too irritating, but sleep finally managed to get the better of us.

Its day 2 and we skipped Prabalgad which is supposed to be an easy trek and chose to climb up Kalavantin Durg which comparatively was more thrilling.

Initial walk through the jungle is not all that cozy with loose stones and soil, but on the good side its blanketed by trees and you dont feel the heat.
Reached the Khind (pass) where Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg meet and started the climb. Peeked into a small cave on the way.

It was early afternoon and holding onto the rocks was quite uncomfortable as they had turned hot under the sun- but the drops and being so close to the edge was thrilling. 

Finally made it to the top and sat like a monkey doing nothing for hours together grasping views of the beauty mother nature has to offer. (was right there on top- this pic was clicked on my next trip when I was atop Prabalgad)

Few moments later, started the descend, reached the base...its delicious food again for lunch and we left this place for our homes.

I guess Prabalgad would be much more scenic in rains- though in the dry season it might not look that great, but its fun to be there, specially if you are staying overnight. Watching the sun go down sitting on the edges of the hills is a relaxation. On the other hand, Kalvantindurg would be a scare to trek when the heavens start pouring.

Anyways- too much said for such a small trip.  HERE's the complete set of pics.


  1. Ah Excellent post man! Might go here myself soon :).

    Thanks :)

  1. Nice one...altho they dont move as much, mountains hav always moved me within..the beauty around is top of the world...keep moving ;) i like the pics :)