Sunday burst to Malshej

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We shall return home as better friends than we started our tour...........Stein Morten

Another Sunday hinting on a boring day that would pass away faster than I could think. To put the time to best use is of course riding in my lawbook- so here I go on a short bust with Alkesh and Sarang, and colleagues Swapnil and Nilesh.

We meet up at Thane and after having a small breakfast at Murbad proceed to our nearby destination in the hills called Malshej.

A few clicks for poses.

A few for the straights

...and a few for the curves

Some serene moments absorbing the warm sunlight in the cool mountain breeze.

To some off the road places leaning over the edges.

A refreshing dip for our bikes

To a refreshing lunch for ourselves at MTDC.

Great climate, lovely roads, beautiful scenery and the best part- great company of friends...made it worth a day's outing

A short collection of memories HERE